Licenciado Jonathan Lima
Auditing Manager Associate

Educational Studies:
  • Public Accountant and Auditor, graduated from Universidad Panamericana.
Member of the institutions:
  • Active member of the Guatemalan Institute of Public Accountants and Auditors of Guatemala.
  • Active member of the Professional Association of Public Accountants and Auditors of Guatemala.

His activities include:
  • Public accountant and auditor in the firm since 1993, carrying out revisions, following the International Regulations of Auditing, Governmental Regulations of Auditing, when needed, as well as the specific Guidelines and regulations to cooperatives organizations and international entities, as applicable.
  • The gained experience in Manuel Cervantes & Asociados, S.C. during 1993 up to nowadays, as Auditor Assistant, Senior, Supervisor and currently as Auditing Manager Associate, has been the basis of his development.
  • In charge of auditing projects with funds from PNUD, European Unión,  FIA, ASDI, IBIS, MISEREOR, EED, ENFANTS DU MONDE, APN, DCA, USAID, Embassy of Holland, Embassy of Japan, HIVOS, among other donors.
Specific experience in the region:
  • In the whole Republic of Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.
International updates:
  • Participation in several international forums, as speaker for the Interamerican Foundation in Ecuador and El Salvador; attendee in seminars, conferences and congress, in El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Washington and Ecuador. His professional experience for over 20 years includes different areas, as financial, accounting, commercial, administrative and in development projects.

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