The most valuable resource is our professional staff with wide experience in the services we provide.

Team profile

Through their Associates, managers, staff and administrative personnel, Manuel Cervantes y Asociados, S.C., accumulates more than 100 years of experience in auditing and consultancy.  Within the firm clients are included industries, commercial, construction, food, pharmaceutical, financial companies, etc., non-governmental organizations (NGO´s), governmental institutions, cooperatives, international organisms, foundations, projects and all kind of programs.



The main strenght of the firm is the external auditing, that is in charge of a team of public accountants; in addition, we have a multidisciplinary team of associated consultants.  The firm has more than three decades providing auditing and consultancy services, wich allows us to offer personalized services and with added value for every one of our clients.




Firm Personnel

All of our human resource team, is developed and makes a career inside the firm; in order to mantain the knowledge that is needed and to be able to provide the best service to our clients.  Due our high and strict quality regulations, we have been very careful when selecting our colaborators, as well as with the education we provide to them, which is in charge of experienced professionals of the services we offer, and who have been in the firm for several years.



The professional team keeps in constant training, internal and external, in order to make sure that they have the necessary knowledge to provide high quality services.  The approach of the training that we provide is not only in the professional area, but also about principles and values.


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