The firm Manuel Cervantes y Asociados, S.C., was founded in order to provide superior service.  With this as our constant objective through the years, has allowed us not just to become one of the of leading firms in our field, but also one with the most reliable auditors and consultants.  All  of these as an advantage to our clients and always offering our own mix of personalized service, experience, competency, strategic and creative thinking. 

Whithin our clients, whom we have assisted through several consecutive years, we have:

  • Corporate clients
  • Non-profit clients
  • Governmental entities
  • Embassies and international cooperation bodies

Dear Friends,

I just wanted to let you know that you left the garage door open and all the monkeys could get away! Great job! How often did I tell you NOT to forget to close it. On top of all that you also left the gate open and now they are literally in the wild! Anyway, just wanted to say THANKS for that!

Yours, Prashant